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Ubicazione articolo: REGNO UNITO
Casa produttrice:Horsch
Modello:Horsch SPRINTER ST4
Vedi tutto Horsch Sprinter ST
Interno stock No. sprinter 4 2033

Horsch Sprinter 4ST tine drill, duett coulters, bout markers, pre emergence markers, hydraulic fan, direct drive, rear following harrow, front support wheels, rear tyre packer in good condition, cleatted tyres , no welding on frame. Sold with full calibration kit, instruction manuals, and 1 season warranty on the electrics and new points. Full pre delivery checks on electrics and bearings. We are 6 miles and north of Lincoln and 30km south west from Grimsby dock. Our price are 0% vat for export 07/10/2013 : ...

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